These BABES! 

A little back story: Anna and I have been best friends since 3rd grade. Since we were wee little babies in elementary school. Fast forward a couple of years to freshman year of college (still wee little babies in a big new place). I got to meet the 3 gorgeous girls standing next to her when I went to visit University of Maryland in 2013. I vividly remember how welcoming and sweet they all were and I knew that my girl was in good hands ;) Now, fast forward 3 years it's 2017 and we are graduating! So, I just had to head back to UMD once more to photograph the four of them!!!

I felt so honored that they wanted me to capture such an incredible moment in their lives. So many early mornings and sleepless nights to get them here, standing in front of the McKeldin Mall Fountain, all together.

They made it.