On June 3rd 2017, I got to photograph Meghan, Brandon and their ADORABLE fur babies. As an animal lover and photographer this was a dream. Goliath, Jade and Jasper were very photogenic, especially when treats were involved haha. 

Now, let's be honest though, these two alone are perfect together. You can tell their love is genuine and real, which made it that much easier to capture those sweet little moments. This shoot was filled with adventure, new places, fun ideas, and a couple of ticks... worth every bite thought ;) 

A cute little story behind the bicycles: These two are high school sweethearts and have been together for six years! They grew up in the same town and they used to always ride their bikes around the neighborhood. Meghan even said she used to ride on the front of Brandon's bike!! I MEAN, COME ON! SO STINKIN' CUTE, RIGHT?!

Take a look for yourself, puppies and love...how can you go wrong?