It all started with a cute pair of shorts. 

I've always admired Emily and her photography through Instagram but we really had never hung out! Emily was selling some of her adorable clothing and I really needed some new shorts for summer so I reached out to her. We of course started talking about photography and trust me, I can go on for years talking about everything related to this passion of mine. I also LOVE finding others that can do the same. So we decided to shoot together :)

Emily is going to school in California and I am obsessed with the idea of California and the west coast in general. I often find myself wishing I could move out there because of all the extremely breathtaking and beautiful landscapes. I know that it doesn't take a gorgeous space to make a good photographer but I do believe landscapes like that paired with incredible individuals can be magic! I sometimes feel uninspired by my surroundings, which makes me sad because I really do love everything about Maryland! 

For me, this shoot was not only about connecting with Emily -- and her talented self, but also about reconnecting with the beautiful state in which I grew up. We decided to head to Black Hills, a park pretty close to us and let me tell you, I was not disappointed!

Golden hour + Emily + the perfect summer day + a beautiful (MARYLAND) landscape = MAGIC. 

This shoot helped me fall back in love with Maryland. 

If you want to check out Emily's gorgeous work, check out her website --