Okay, so LISTEN. Stephen is an incredible human being. 

We met like a year ago when he asked me for help in the studio at Stevenson with Lightroom stuff. I just remember looking at his work and being sooo impressed. I also remember chatting about music and anyone who knows me knows how important music is to my life. So having someone else with the same taste in tunes is the BEST.  Now, let me tell you, it was like an instant friendship. I remember one day we sat in the studio and talked for hours about life and who knows what else (we didn't get much work done, but it's fine).

Fast forward a couple months and we are headed to Berlin, Germany! An adventure I can't even begin to describe in a blog post. Long story short, it was the experience of a life time with some of the most beautiful people I have ever met. 

Fast forward another couple of months and here we are -- May 8th at golden hour, my favorite time of the day. Just look at that jawline. 


stephen's insta:  --- you may also know him for his FAMOUS tweet (linked here hehe) (i'm like a proud mom).