We hiked over slick, wobbly rocks sitting in ice cold water to reach the falls. And these three did not disappoint. They came prepared for an adventure.

Now, let me just say, this is a pretty regular thing for this cute little family. Whether its hoping in their red Volkswagen van and heading to Vermont or just riding their bikes down to North Point State park. You can tell they were meant for the outdoors. 

Meghan was wearing her caramel hiking boots, Brandon was carrying the travel backpack, and Goliath was rocking his maroon bandana. Meanwhile I'm in some comfy breathable nikes, which I thought was a solid choice when I woke up that morning. Eh, not so much when walking across rivers, but alas we move forward. 

And this is where I say... get you a couple that can do both. 

Get you a couple that is magic together. Like the way Meghan melts into Brandon's arms so effortlessly. Their comfort being with one another is undeniable, I can't handle it. Meghan and Brandon were down to tiptoe through cold water, slide down steep muddy hills, all while smiling from ear to ear. I'd say that's a photographer's dream, am I right? 

Oh and let's not forget, they are awesome pet parents. 

While Meghan and Brandon were rockin' the camera and looking absolutely precious, Goliath, was pickin' up sticks left and right (not like wimpy sticks either, like pre-teen logs). Drinkin' water from the river and also the portable dog bowl they brought along with them. LIVIN' THE LIFE. 

How did I survive this shoot you ask?! I'm not entirely sure.

So here we are, enjoy loving their love. I certainly did.