At the front of a white, breeze filled and paint chipped tabernacle, Will swayed back and forth, his left hand was gripping his right wrist. There he stood anxiously awaiting his soon to be wife. 

Before the ceremony I asked him, "Do you think you are going to cry?" He kind of laughed and said, "I honestly don't know." 

But as his breathtaking bride walked through the doorway, in the same second it started to down pour. As each rain drop hit the roof and Amanda got closer he couldn't contain his emotions. They rolled through his body and came out in the form of tears and pure joy. It was happening. The moment they had been waiting for since the two of them sat on a bench and and decided to do life together. 

The love Amanda and Will share is undeniable. Amanda described it so beautifully in her vows, their love is – "something lifelong and God designed." I am honored to have been able to witness something so genuine and real. These two have an ability to make those around them feel so comfortable and at home. I can't wait another second to share a glimpse of their stunning wedding day. 

"I choose you – to love, to honor, to have, to hold."

Amanda and Will,

Thank you for asking me to be a part your perfect day. I still smile every time I look at these photos. You two are a beautiful example of what pure love looks like, and you made it so easy to capture. I hope marriage is all you hoped it would be and more. 

xo Anna