Growing up, in our house, the word retarded was the worst word you could possibly say.

My Aunt Tricia, my mom's sister was born with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I always remember hearing heartbreaking stories from their childhood about how both kids and adults would use that word to intentionally hurt her. When I was in school I heard kids using it like it was a comma. Still to this day I hear it used all around me. I always felt like I wanted to do or something but it was hard for me to put into words how hurtful just a couple letters could be. That is until this project. This piece helped me express my feelings in a way I hoped others would understand.

This campaign, Spread the Word to End the Word, is about taking a pledge to put an end to the use of the word 'retarded'. Over time this word has become a derogatory term used to describe something or someone as "dumb" or "stupid." This has caused many individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to feel hurt or like they do not belong. This campaign was created to show how words can be interchanged just like newspaper clippings. 

Client: Best Buddies Stevenson

Dimensions:  24x36" Poster